The core values of my business: The 5 Cs

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I recently took Ashlyn Carter’s course “Copywriting for Creatives” (which is amazing btw), and as part of the curriculum, she challenged each student to identify the core values of our business. I had never really given this idea much thought to put it down concretely on paper. Giving such a structure around what my beliefs are and how I think my company works best was a new – and an important – exercise.

Each of my core values ended up starting with the letter “C,” giving the set of values a grouping, as my 5 Cs. I hope reading these gives you some insight into some of the “secret sauce” that makes up Leah E. Moss Designs!


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Heartfelt, One-of-a-Kind, Heirloom Gift Roundup – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Custom calligraphy gift commission - Leah E. Moss Designs

Valentine’s Day is just a good excuse to express your love to people you care for. A heartfelt, one-of-a-kind, heirloom gift is the perfect way to demonstrate how much someone means to you. As a calligrapher and watercolor artist, I’ve had the honor to create lots of these gifts for clients. Anniversaries (especially the first – for the paper anniversary gift), birthdays, milestones, and yes, Valentine’s Day – a meaningful gift is always treasured. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite ways to share your love.


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2019 Reading List

In 2019, I’ve set a goal to read one book per month. Here, I’m updating this list monthly with the book I read each month. Happy reading!


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Calligraphy Styles I Offer

When booking a calligrapher, it’s important to know that the artist’s work will match your style. This is especially important for weddings, where event branding is of the utmost importance. The seven calligraphy styles I offer are all different from one another, covering a wide range of tastes.

The Alex: Calligraphy Styles I offer - Leah E. Moss Designs


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