Send fine art invitations for your wedding. Don’t blow your budget.


Back in high school, you didn’t want your prom dress to be the same as another girl’s. Today, you definitely don’t want your wedding invitation to look like another couple’s. Now you can create something beautiful, that’s all your own, without spending a fortune.

Leaf Cluster

Each piece in the collection was painted and designed by me. All the headings (in script) are written in calligraphy by hand – no cursive fonts are used around here! Then, I scan that element in and digitize it for printing, along with the rest of your goodies.

With five basic designs to choose from, you’ve got options. Each suite in the collection has all the elements you’d need for your invitation and paper goods for the day of your wedding. Every piece is available a la carte, so you can purchase only what you need. Then, add on some bells and whistles because… treat yo’self.

Leaf Cluster

Between all the customization options available, there are thousands of possible combinations. No prom-dress-lookalikes here, sister.

So, what are you waiting for?




Leah is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. We had a very clear vision, and she completely understood what we were looking for, and the end result exceeded our expectations. -Arielle


Photos: Casey Brodley