Here’s a small sample of the writing styles I offer.

Just like the little cups on Saturdays at Costco, this sample set is certainly not exhaustive… but it’s a yummy start.

Calligraphy is an art form, so every single piece is one of a kind. Each individual envelope, escort card, mirrored sign, and vows transcription is crafted one at a time, by hand. Every time. Because your loved ones deserve the best.

If you already have stationery picked out, I only use these styles as a starting point. From there, I tweak them, so my calligraphy matches the font of the pieces you’ve already chosen. What can I say?! I like things matchy-matchy.

We could not have been happier with Leah’s work! The highs and lows and beautiful and elegant script really set her apart from the other calligraphers I met with. -Erica

Like what you see? Let’s get you a spot in my production calendar! First come, first served, ladies – don’t wait. Reach out HERE.

Photos: Kerby Lou Photography