Meaningful paper goods as unique as your love story.

Custom invitations showcase what your special day’s really about: the two of you.

You don’t want an invitation out of a binder. You’re wondering how you can make each and every detail heartfelt, personal, and unique, plus have everything cohesive and elegant. You’re in the right place.


Non-traditional materials.

Ultra luxe print methods.

Special details at every turn. 

How about all of it?!

Wedding invitations with modern calligraphy, purple foil stamping, grey letterpress, watercolor floral design - Leah E. Moss Designs

When you walk into Anthropologie, you know how amazing the store smells, how whimsical their merchandising displays look, and how funky their detailing is on the clothes. It’s hard to put your finger on how, but Anthro just has a feeling. Tiffany & Co. has a feeling too, and so does Nordstrom — and they’re all quite different from one another. That individualized feeling is created from all those elements coming together thoughtfully and seamlessly: it’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Your wedding is no different. I’m here to give your guests a sense of cohesion and deeper meaning, so they get that hard-to-describe feeling of your story on your big day. Somehow it just feels like you two. Stationery is the perfect way to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. Paper goods give unity to your overall design through color, writing style, and artwork – I’m your girl to make that happen, in a stress-free way.

The Experience

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

  • Personalized service and detailed timeline. Your custom proposal is based on the items you need and your overall goals. Once we’re working together, you’ll know when to expect everything from me, working backward from your wedding date. 
  • Calligraphy and artwork all done by hand first, from scratch, so you can be confident your wedding invitations are truly one-of-a-kind and reflect you personally. I don’t use cursive fonts or stock artwork. If there’s something written in script, drawn, or painted, it was done for you – and just for you. I then take the hand-done version and scan it, incorporate it into your layout, and get it ready for printing.
  • Full range of high-quality materials. You want a wood-backed invitation? Sure. Leather tags? Great. Acrylic menus for every guest? Been there, done that. Handmade paper, boxed delivery, pressed flowers? All the fixins. Yes – Let’s send invitations your guests will go crazy for—and that your Aunt Barbara (Emily Post 2.0) will approve of and appreciate. 
  • Interactive proofing process, so you can review your proofs and provide feedback easily, from wherever you are—ahem, even your office. Your secret’s safe with me.

Classic wedding invitation - Intimate wedding at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Leah E. Moss Designs - Photo by Blaine Siesser


  • Curation assistance for every element. Vintage postage coordinated with your aesthetic, telling your story, sourced, ordered, and affixed for you. Escort “cards” written on rocks to pair with your garden chic aesthetic under your sail top tent. Hand-engraved signage for your signature cocktails on marble. It all works as part of your vision – get all of the luxury items you’re craving with one vendor.
  • White glove assembly. You don’t have to lift a finger. Everything will be stuffed, sealed, stamped, tied, boxed, bundled, and sorted here at my studio. No stress!
  • All the printed elements—not just the invitation—under one roof, so you can be sure your save the dates, menus, ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, decorative signs (and so on, and so on) all coordinate together. 
Letterpress menu with burgundy wax seal, hand calligraphed place card on seed paper, red velvet ribbon - Intimate wedding at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Leah E. Moss Designs - Photo by Blaine Siesser
Signature cocktail sign with dog illustration - Intimate wedding at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Leah E. Moss Designs - Photo by Blaine Siesser
Wedding ceremony program booklets - Intimate wedding at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Leah E. Moss Designs - Photo by Blaine Siesser

How does the process work?

Leah E. Moss Designs - Meet and Greet - wedding invitations process

Reach out to me. I’ll confirm I’m available for your date, and then we’ll have a consultation call to determine your “wishlist.” 

I’ll make recommendations based on your budget and vision. You’ll get a custom quote from me based on your information. We’ll review this together, so you can answer any questions in real time.

Decide it’s a “yes” and book my services. It’s official with a signed contract and 25% retainer payment.

Before we begin your design process, we’ll do a kickoff call or meeting to discuss all the aesthetics we’ll be incorporating into your pieces, and how your stationery will fit into your overall wedding.

Leah E. Moss Designs - The Main Event - wedding invitations process

Any artwork included in your invitation is created from scratch. There are no cursive fonts or stock art used – everything is done by hand and digitized.

I provide you with a lookbook first: color palette mood board, script style options, and concept sketches. With your blessing, I put together a first draft proof.

Each proofing round includes a mockup image of all the elements together, so you can see size/scale of each piece, along with all the details working together. You’ll also see every element on its own so you can provide feedback.

We go back and forth with your revisions to move toward a final version. You approve the final proof and we’re off to the races.

Leah E. Moss Designs - Printing Magic - wedding invitations process

I take care of all the printing and any extra goodies we’ve dreamt up for you: envelope calligraphy, wax seals, ribbons, vintage or custom stamps. Dreamy.

You’ll have a box of pretty pieces, ready for their closeup – pixie dust included. They go out in the mail.

Your loved ones go B-A-N-A-N-A-S in their excitement. Cue your happy dance. Mine’s a shimmy that’s more like a full-body wiggle.

We’ll do another kickoff call for your day-of-wedding pieces, and then the process repeats with proofs for you to review along the way for these items. Your stationery will be one piece of the bigger puzzle, and each piece will help convey the feeling you’re going for on the big day!


After the meeting, she had 100% follow through and responded to questions/concerns in less than 24 hours. Her first proof was perfect, beyond what we could have ever imagined. Her work is truly customized to each couple and their story. She was also really helpful advising us on color choices or even what items would be best to purchase (especially as we chose chalkboards).

She wasn’t afraid to give her expert opinion but also worked in any odd requests we had. I could go on and on but in a nutshell, if you want a true creative who is also super professional, organized, and timely, Leah is unbeatable. So much so that she’s doing our Christmas cards this year and hopefully more to come! -Rukiya

Your investment:

To provide the level of service my clients have come to expect, my minimum investment for custom design is $5,000. While overall budgets vary a lot, depending on quantity and print method, the average full-service Leah E. Moss Designs client spends $6,000-8,000 on their custom invitations, with an added investment for save the dates and day-of-wedding materials. The total investment typically ranges from $10,000-20,000 for all elements.

I work with a small number of couples annually for custom invitation designs, so don’t miss your opportunity to be one of them. Let’s tell your love story—together.

Start the custom process!

If this is beyond a comfortable level in your budget, I totally get that – custom invitations are certainly an investment! If you’ve read this far though, I know you still want beautiful invitations with calligraphy, so check out The Collection. Shop online and make no sacrifices on the overall quality and experience.

Take me to The Collection Instead!

Taupe gold and sage green wedding invitations with calligraphy by Leah E. Moss Designs for Detroit Institute of Arts wedding
Dusty rose letterpress wedding invitations with calligraphy by Leah E. Moss Designs for Cherry Basket Farm in northern Michigan - up north wedding

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I’m working with my mom? Or my wedding planner?

Great! I love anyone on Team Couple-in-Love. I’m happy to work with anyone who’s part of your process, at whatever level of involvement you feel comfortable with her having.

My soon-to-be-spouse and I don’t live in the Detroit area. Can we still work with you?

Yes – I work with couples all over the country. Thanks to video chats and emails, you’re basically here in my studio with me anyway.

Do you work with LBGTQ couples?

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, and I’m truly honored to help each and every one of them – regardless of race, religious belief, gender, and family structure. My requirements for clients are twofold: kindness to everyone and love for one another. Dog lovers get bonus points.

Is there a payment plan for your services?

Yes, I don’t do any lump sum, big payments all at once. To book my services, you’ll owe a 25% non-refundable retainer of your proposed scope of work. Then, each portion of your order is due upon completion of that phase. So, you’ll pay for invitations when they’re done, and then payment for your day-of-wedding goodies won’t be due until those are complete later on.

Do you offer a way for me to feel the paper options? It’s such a touchy-feely thing.

While I offer in-person meetings for already booked clients, I understand people may want to have this option before securing their stationery vendor. If you’d like, you may order a paper sample kit for $25. This includes examples of different print options, paper styles, and envelope choices. If you do decide to book with me for custom invitations (and I hope you do), this will be credited to your order. As in, it’s free. Get yours HERE.

I have more questions – how can I get in touch?

Fill out the custom inquiry form below and I promise to get back to you really soon.

Start the custom process!