Vintage postage on burgundy envelope with cobalt blue invitation and plaid liner - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

It never fails – I get a sweet note from a client after her invitations have gone out, explaining how much her guests have raved over their suite. More often than not though, it’s the invitation embellishments that people have commented on, saying “your envelope calligraphy was so pretty – we put it on the fridge, too,” or “oh my gosh, that wax seal was to die for,” or “wow the envelope liner was so extra – and we loved it.” You don’t want your loved ones to simply receive their invitation and know about your upcoming wedding – you want them to receive it, feel honored and wowed, and in turn, get pumped to be on your dance floor all night long. That, my friend, is where invitation embellishments come in.