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I’ve had so many clients start their search for wedding invitations elsewhere, only to have a disappointing experience. Everything they saw was just someone else’s template, instead of something special for them. How annoying.

But I set out to be an expert who can time-and-again create paper goods for each of my clients as unique as their individual love story. You didn’t settle on your forever person—so why showcase your classic love story with something generic?

Make sure your wedding invitations are just like your love – something you’d pick a thousand times over! Your story’s beautiful and meaningful. Let’s tell it like it is.


Taupe gold and sage green wedding invitations with calligraphy by Leah E. Moss Designs for Detroit Institute of Arts wedding
Cobalt blue and burgundy all script wedding invitations with calligraphy by Leah E. Moss Designs
Dusty rose letterpress wedding invitations with calligraphy by Leah E. Moss Designs for Cherry Basket Farm in northern Michigan - up north wedding

The Experience

I offer two types of wedding invitations: The Collection and custom design. For either type of service you choose, here’s what you can expect working with me.

  • Designs anchored in calligraphy done by hand first, so you can be confident your wedding invitations are truly one-of-a-kind. I don’t use cursive fonts – if there’s something written in script, it was done for you, and just for you. I then take the hand-done version and scan it, incorporate it into your layout, and get it ready for printing.
  • High quality paper and print methods, so you can send invitations your guests will go crazy for—and that your Aunt Barbara (Emily Post 2.0) will approve of and appreciate. 
  • Quick design turnaround time, so you can get your invitations from “ordered” to “print-ready” quickly. No waiting around on back and forth between you and yet another vendor. I like things done – and I know you do, too!
  • Interactive proofing process, so you can review your proofs and provide feedback easily, from wherever you are—ahem, even your office. Your secret’s safe with me.
  • All the printed elements—not just the invitation—under one roof, so you can be sure your invitations, save the dates, menus, ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, decorative signs (and so on, and so on) all coordinate together. 
  • Access to a stationery expert, because paper isn’t your zone of genius (duh). That’s cool – I’m your girl! I’m here to answer all your questions and offer guidance on wording, paper types, print methods, and etiquette, all without having to call some faceless 800 number. I’m a one-woman show and I’m a real person, in your corner.

What’s the difference between The Collection and custom?

Each service has its own advantages, to reflect your needs for your day. Let’s see what works better for you!

The Collection

  • Shop online. Customize your wedding invitations and purchase your perfect combination, straight from the couch. Cross it off your list – you go girl.
  • Price point to suit your needs. Budgets are there for a reason, and I believe they should be respected. With different print methods and customizations available, you can build something that has the look you’re going for – without breaking the bank.
  • Shortened turnaround time. The design process starts immediately after you’ve placed your order. You’ll have your first proof within a week!
  • Lots of customizations and embellishments. Just because you’re ordering online doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any bells and whistles you want. Luxury print methods, upgrades to paper, envelope addressing, wax seals – let’s get you whatever goodies you have your heart set on.
  • Convenience. You’re busy enough as is – get a high-quality product without the hassle. Self-serve by learning about your options from the handy Collection Guide and pick what works for your day. No annoying back and forth to get pricing or a big investment of your precious time.

Custom Design

  • Complimentary consultation and one-on-one service. We’ll connect personally before building your custom proposal, based on the items you need and your overall goals.
  • Detailed timeline. You’ll know when to expect everything from me, working backward from your wedding date. I used to be an executive assistant – staying on schedule for you is really important to me.
  • Artwork in every package. Let’s include a painting of your dog! Or a custom crest with your venue! The options are endless – and all from scratch. The design process starts with an individual look book, so you’ll get the full vision with color palette, mood board, and layout sketches.
  • Full range of materials. You want a wood-backed invitation? Sure. Leather tags? Great. Acrylic menus for every guest? Been there, done that. Handmade paper, boxed delivery, pressed flowers? All the fixins. Yes – bring.it.on.
  • Curation assistance for every element. Vintage postage coordinated with your aesthetic, telling your story, sourced, ordered, and affixed for you. Escort “cards” written on rocks to pair with your garden chic aesthetic under your sail top tent. Hand-engraved signage for your signature cocktails on marble. It all works as part of your vision – get all of the luxury items you’re craving with one vendor.

So, how can I help create your perfect wedding invitations?




You want your big day to reflect that - Leah E. Moss Designs



No need to keep stressing about a special way to tie everything together. Calligraphy is the perfect icing on your five-tiered cake to make your guests feel honored – and get them excited for your celebration to come.


Traditional Spencerian envelope calligraphy from Michigan calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs

Escort cards in modern calligraphy from Michigan calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs

Mirrored seating chart from Michigan calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs

I provide calligraphy for your wedding in a hassle-free way, so you can set the tone for your day – and skip the headache.



The Experience

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

  • Lettering produced by a classically-trained calligrapher, so you have the peace of mind that your order will be done beautifully and accurately. Get ready to have your expectations exceeded.
  • Fast turnaround time, so you don’t have to wait. I know you want to get your invitations out to your guests ASAP!
  • Traditional and modern calligraphy styles, so you can choose whatever suits your look and feel.
  • Font-matching and custom ink color mixing, so your envelopes will be a perfect match to the invitations you’ve already chosen. The outside will match the inside and your loved ones will be impressed!


The Options for your Wedding Needs:

  • Envelope addressing
  • Seating charts and decorative signage
  • Escort cards and place cards
  • Table numbers



She did an excellent job working collaboratively with us to execute our vision and not only were we thrilled with the results, but the calligraphy was many of our guests’ favorite part of our invitation! -Lacey


Your Investment

Each item is priced per piece, so you’ll receive a custom quote based on your quantity. To provide the level of service my clients have come to expect, my minimum investment for wedding calligraphy is $350.00.

I take on a limited number of calligraphy clients, each on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss your chance to get on my production calendar!


Make me some calligraphy magic!





don't just give a gift, give an heirloom - Leah E. Moss Designs



Artwork that reflects the beauty of who you are – and what really matters to you – is something your loved one will treasure. Bonus – the first wedding anniversary traditional gift is paper. A piece of art created for you on paper, commemorating that day, is a meaningful and heartfelt gift for your spouse.



Custom vows transcription by Michigan calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs

Watercolor pet portrait dog painting by Leah E. Moss Designs

Custom art piece with calligraphy and watercolor called "A Prayer for Children" by Michigan calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs



I create heartfelt gifts so you can show that special someone just how much she means to you. Happy recipient, coming right up!




The Experience

Here’s what you can expect working with me:

  • Artwork produced on 100% cotton paper with high-quality ink/paint, so your gift will be long-lasting and archival. Your loved one will be able to enjoy the gift for years to come.
  • Wide breadth of artistic skills, so I can deliver your desired product – whatever you’ve dreamt up.
  • Helpful user interface, so you have a quick and seamless process. Gift-giving shouldn’t be a hassle.
  • Standard sizing available, so you can purchase readily available frames and don’t need to further invest in custom framing.
  • Custom and large-format sizing available, so you end up with a piece that’s exactly what you had in mind. Showstopper, here we come!


The Options for Your Gift-Giving Needs:

  • Vows, love letter, or song lyrics transcription
  • Venue or home illustration
  • Family tree rendering
  • Bouquet painting
  • Pet portrait
  • Gift cards available



My dad loves the painting of the dogs so much. He let me know yesterday that he hung it up in the center of his apartment so he can see it from anywhere that he is sitting. Thank you so much for helping me give my dad an amazing present he will cherish forever. -Maggie


Your investment

Each gift is priced based on word count, complexity, and size. You’ll receive a custom quote based on your needs. To provide the level of service my clients have come to expect, my minimum investment for gift commissions is $100.00.

I take on a limited number of gift commission clients, each on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss your chance to get on my production calendar, to make sure your gift is ready in time for your milestone occasion!


Help me give a special gift!



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