For the big-ticket items, I will always (always) advocate working with a vendor one-on-one for your wedding. However, there are lots of small “odds and ends” that you as a couple will need for your big day. This blog rounds up some of my favorite Amazon wedding finds for you.

I’ve sorted these Amazon weddings items by their use cases throughout your wedding day. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. I’ve only shared top-rated products for you here. Many have multiple color options, aside from what’s shown. Pick what matches your palette.

All of the images you’ll find here are clickable links, straight to their Amazon listings, for easy shopping.

Let’s dive in!

Sections you’ll find in this blog:

  • Supplies for hotel welcome bags
  • Gift items for your wedding party
  • Getting ready goodies
  • Display items
  • Items for an outdoor wedding
  • A few miscellaneous items

Supplies for hotel welcome bags

  • Bags
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon

And some goodies to include inside the bags!

Gift items for your wedding party (that they’ll actually like!)

Getting ready

Bonus points… get your fragrance bottle hand painted!

Display Items

Here are some ideas for display easels and frames. You may need these for:

  • welcome sign
  • seating chart
  • table numbers
  • small signage (signature cocktails, guest book, cards and gifts, memorial table etc)

Items for an outdoor wedding

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, here are some ideas to help make sure your guests are more comfortable! Plus, a few fun bonus ideas.

A few miscellaneous Amazon wedding items

Another few things I’ve thought of!

  • Pens for signing items, whether it’s a Ketubah or your guest book
  • Bathroom hospitality baskets (just stock with items you have… don’t forget feminine hygiene products for the women’s restroom)
  • Food-safe plastic bags for favors

And there you have it! My top Amazon wedding items for your consideration. I hope this roundup helps with some of the details you may need, all in one place.