Shopping for wedding invitations can feel overwhelming, but don’t fret – I’m here to help. Use this Collection Guide as your starting point to learn about your options, process for working with me, and timeline. Once you’ve given this a once-over, feel free to book a complimentary chat with me if you still have questions. I want to make your selections at checkout a breeze!

The Process

Step 1

Review all the options you have to build your dream wedding invitation. Design, color, print method, bells and whistles… make it work for your aesthetic and your budget. Not sure? Let’s chat.

Add each item to your cart with your desired quantity and customizations. You’ll pay for your order and you’re officially a booked client. Yay!

You’ll get a receipt immediately after purchasing.

Step 2

I’ll send over a questionnaire within 24 hours to get all the nitty-gritty logistics information from you for your wedding (names, dates, times, attire, etc). Once you fill this out, I’ll provide you with a wording draft to approve. from there, you’ll receive a full digital proof mockup within 7 business days of approving the wording.

One complimentary revision is included with your package, should you need to make any changes. Once everything looks perfect, you’ll sign off on the final proof approval.

Step 3

Your invitations will be printed to perfection, based on all the specifications you’ve customized. Everything will ship to you in one combined shipment via UPS, so you can put them together and mail to your loved ones! Cue happy dance!

I’ll be in touch with you about wedding day stationery at the appropriate time, too. This way, your menu, ceremony program, cocktail napkins (and the list goes on…) can all coordinate with your invitation, with the help of an expert. Just as it should be.


The total process takes approximately 6-9 weeks from ordering date until you have your invitations in hand, assuming you fill out your questionnaire and review proofs in a timely manner.

Your first proof arrives within 7 business days from receipt of your completed questionnaire/wording approval. Please respond within 48 hours for on-time production. One round of revisions is included, should you need any changes. Additional revisions are available, billed at $75 per round.

You approve the final proof and we’re off to print! Production time varies based on the chosen print method. Timing below is once proof approval is submitted.

  • Digital printing: 2 weeks
  • Letterpress or foil stamping: 3-4 weeks
  • Envelope calligraphy adds 2 weeks to production time after the printing turnaround time
  • Order arrives to you, shipped via UPS (typically 2-7 business days in transit)

Included in your Package

Each invitation package includes:

  • Main invitation: 5×7″ card
  • Main envelope: Euro-flap (pointed flap) envelope for invitation with return address printed digitally
  • Response card: 3.5×4.875″ card
  • Response envelope: envelope for response card with recipient address printed digitally

All cards are printed on 100% cotton paper for a luxurious, elegant wedding invitation. Your package includes a full digital proof mockup, as well as one complimentary revision if needed. Shipping your order to you is already included on your online checkout page – but postage for each individual invitation is not.

The Print Methods

The pricing of your wedding invitations package is based on your chosen print method. Here, learn a bit about each of your options.

Digital Printing – $

With ink flat printed directly onto paper, digital printing is your most budget-friendly option. There is no texture left here with the printing – it is smooth on the surface of the paper. This is the print method used for your envelope printing as part of your package.

Letterpress Printing – $$

Letterpress is a centuries-old artisan process. A plate is made with your design, and that’s pressed (by hand) into the paper with ink. Your invitations have a deep impression and texture with your design. I’m proud to say that our letterpress printing is done by another small business here in Michigan!

Foil Stamping – $$$

Like letterpress, foil stamping is another hand-done process. You’ll get the same gorgeous texture and impression, but instead of colored ink, the imprint is in your chosen metallic. Dreams of light-catching gold come true! Swoon.

The Calligraphy Designs

With the semi-custom collection, I’ve stayed true to my roots as a calligrapher first. Your options here are based on designs that are text-centric, simple, and elegant – no fuss.

As part of every design, each element is written out in calligraphy by hand for the two of you, and then scanned in for the production of your wedding invitations.

These designs aren’t trendy. They’re purposefully classic, elegant wedding invitations that you’ll still love when you show them to your grandchildren. Be proud of them today – and treasure them for years to come.

Each main invitation is paired with a response card in the same style.

The Paper Colors

You have your choice between a bright white paper and a soft cream paper.

The Ink Colors

Your ink color will be the color of your wedding invitation design throughout all elements. The options have all been carefully selected to be classic and elegant, to highlight your day’s overall aesthetic. If you choose digital or letterpress printing, the colors are matte; if you choose foil stamping, the colors are metallic.

The Envelope Colors

Your envelope is the first thing your guests see – make an impression with it! I only use Euro flap main envelopes, with an elegant pointed flap. Having the envelope color stand out from the rest of the recipients’ junk mail and bills is an easy way to elevate the overall experience. Each color is designed to pair beautifully with the ink colors, for tons of options to mix and match.

Upgrades to the Main Invitation Card

The base package includes printing on single thickness card stock in a 5 x 7″ size. The main invitation card is the focal point, going up on the fridge! Why not make this piece a little extra special?

Increase the size to A9

With this upgrade, the main card is increased in size. This makes for a bold statement and certainly won’t get lost in the mail pile. Your main envelope is also upgraded to fit with this card size accordingly. If you aren’t doing a separate reception card (see below) but your ceremony and reception are in two different locations, this is a suggested upgrade.

Increase the thickness of the card stock

With this upgrade, the main card is increased to double thick card stock. Single thick paper is suitable, but this upgrade is highly recommended to make sure that your main card is ultra-luxe and elegant.

Added Insert Card

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to incorporate an added 4.25 x 5.5″ card. Having some extra space, these cards are perfect for everything guests need to know without having to be on the main wedding invitations.

Ideas include:

  • other events (rehearsal dinner/brunch)
  • transportation, accommodations, website logistics
  • reception, if different than ceremony location

The insert card will be printed on your same choice of white or cream card stock and in the same calligraphy style to match the rest of your invitation suite.

Along with the ink color, you’ll have your choice of desired print method on this as well, which determines the pricing.

Dusty Blue Reception Card with calligraphy from Leah E. Moss Designs

Guest Envelope Addressing

Your package already includes the return address pre-printed on your main invitations, but the guests’ addresses are up to you. If you’re up for it, this can definitely be a DIY project – but know that it does take time! Otherwise, I’m happy to handle it for you, in one of two ways.

Digital Envelope Addressing

With this option, your guests’ addresses will be digitally printed in the block font to coordinate with your wedding invitations. These will match all other elements that have a block font incorporated.

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

With this option, your guests’ addresses will be individually written by hand in calligraphy by me. This will coordinate with your chosen calligraphy style from the rest of your wedding invitations and each one will be a little work of art. This is subject to availability: if for whatever reason I’m unable to accommodate envelope calligraphy for your order in a timely fashion, I’ll reach out to you to determine if you’d like the recipient addresses digitally printed instead, or if you’d prefer them blank. Regardless, you’d be credited for the price difference in that rare instance.

Other Extras

Let’s take your invitations from “beautiful” to “next level amazing.” These little extra touches elevate the overall design.

Envelope Liners

These add a nice pop of contrast and elegance to your main envelopes. These are available in the same colors as the inks and envelopes, so you can mix and match. I also offer the option of a custom venue illustration on your liners to bring an added level of personalization! Liners come pre-mounted to your envelopes. Make a wow-worthy statement before your loved ones have even gotten to your main invitation card.

Belly Bands

A belly band holds each of the elements together. It’s not a requirement but does add a nice touch. Belly bands are 1″ wide and long enough to wrap around your wedding invitation. They’re easily assembled by wrapping around the main card and affixing the back flap with a small strip of double-sided tape.

Vellum Wrap

Vellum wraps go around your main cards, like a jacket. This translucent paper gives the whole set a soft and airy feeling with this element. Contain the set for an elevated presentation for your guests.

Sheets come flat, unassembled. They will need to be folded around the invitation and scored. Vellum wrap works best with a belly band, ribbon, or wax seal, sold separately.

Sheets are 7 x 11″ for standard size invitations or 8.5 x 12″ for upgraded size invitations.

Wax Seals

These always add a touch of elegance to your invitation envelope. Do it without the hassle! These 1″ diameter wax seals are self-adhesive. All you’ll have to do is peel off the backing and stick in place. Please note that wax seals add postage requirement, due to added weight and thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many invitations should we order?

Get your list done first! You need your guest list before diving into paper goods. Remember, invitations aren’t one per guest. They’re one per household, so double check your list. For example, if you have 150 people on your list, you may only be mailing 85 invitations or so. Order a few extras to have on hand (approximately 10). Why? People move, your folks add on more guests, and USPS loses mail sometimes. Better to have a couple of extra sets than not enough!

How do I know what our design will look like?

After placing your order and filling out the questionnaire for your information, I’ll put together a complete digital proof mockup of your wedding invitations. You’ll be able to see each element in your chosen calligraphy style and color, all put together. This way, you can visualize the end result!

What about our address list?

If you’ve ordered guest envelope addressing (either digital or in calligraphy), I’ll need your address list. Along with the questionnaire, you’ll receive instructions on how to submit this. All information is kept strictly confidential.

We’re last minute! How do I know we’ll have enough time?

Total time takes about 6-9 weeks – more information on the timeline above. If you’re on a time crunch, digital printing will be the fastest option, and you’ll want to skip the envelope calligraphy (since that adds production time). Rush options may be available for an additional fee – please email me at and I’ll see what can be done to assist.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Yes, obviously. <3

What about postage and assembly?

I don’t include postage for your wedding invitations and your individual pieces will be unassembled in the box sent to you. It is your responsibility to determine and purchase the required postage and take care of assembling the invitations. However, I know this is likely your first time doing this, so in each box, I include a full instructions sheet for assembly, with helpful tidbits about mailing with USPS!

We want our wedding day stationery to match, but I don’t see that here.

Yes – I want it to coordinate for you, too! I offer day-of-wedding stationery to clients who have purchased their invitations with me as well, so everything is seamless from start to finish. Once your wedding date gets closer, I’ll reach out at the appropriate time about ordering any wedding day paper you’d like. Think guest menus, ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, thank you notes… the good stuff.

Is there some fine print we need to know about?

By placing an order, you confirm you’ve read and agree to the Collection Terms and Conditions. Nothing crazy, but my lawyer (ahem, thanks dad) said that needed to be on here.

I’m still unsure. What now?

No worries! No stress around here. Book a complimentary chat with me and we’ll talk through any questions you still have, whether they’re about design, customization, or logistics. I’m here to help! Set up a time that works for your schedule here.

You’ve answered my questions –  I’m ready to shop!

Let’s build my dream invitations