• 4 inspiring takeaways from business owners’ pivot strategy

    4 inspiring takeaways about pivot strategy - Leah E. Moss Designs

    With weddings, events, workshops, and art fairs getting postponed/canceled left and right, the paper community of vendors has had to be nimble and figure out ways to navigate this pandemic. When the stay-at-home order first came into play, I wasn’t sure what to do – I had to sit with the uncertainty for a bit. I’m in the process of developing something now as part of a pivot strategy, but these women sprang into action early on and came up with amazing changes to their business. They’ve each inspired me in their own way, and I can only hope that what I have up my sleeve is as helpful to and warmly received by the community as theirs have been. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


  • Shanna Skidmore Feature – Confidence in Pricing

    Shanna Skidmore Feature - How I found the Confidence to Increase my Pricing - Leah E. Moss Designs #entrepreneurship #selfemployed #smallbusiness
    Photo from Blueprint Summit 2018 by Sarah Ingram

    I’m humbled that my sweet mentor and friend Shanna Skidmore featured me on her website. We chatted about lots of things in running a small business – including money. With Shanna’s help in The Blueprint Model, I found my confidence in pricing my work to earn a fair, livable wage in my business. Pricing seems to be a taboo topic, especially for creatives, but the fact is that in order to continue to serve your clients well, you need to price your work to reflect the full value you’re providing. Talking about money should be an open dialogue, and the price to your clients isn’t an emotional thing. It’s math – and that should give you confidence, when you know why you charge what you do.