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  • Dani and Joe: How a Romantic Lace Wedding Dress Inspired their Castle Farms wedding Invitation

    How a Romantic Lace Wedding Dress Inspired the Invitation for a northern Michigan Castle Farms wedding - Leah E. Moss Designs #michiganwedding #custominvitations #laceweddingdressIt was a Sunday morning in August of 2017, around 10:45 am or so, and I got an inquiry on my website from this girl, Dani, who was a guest at one of my client’s weddings the night before. Her form basically was like “So… I was at Rachel and Justin’s wedding last night – loved your work. I want to meet with you for our wedding.” This other couple was still at their out of towners brunch and this girl was on it about their stationery vendor for their Castle Farms wedding the following summer. I liked her already.