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Order custom wedding invitations online

Order custom wedding invitations online - The Collection from Leah E. Moss Designs

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting poolside at the clubhouse in my dad’s Floridian condo community. This Michigan gal is soaking up some serious sunshine while working remotely. Don’t worry too much about me – I’m wearing sunscreen! Ahem, sorry, not sorry. While traveling, it’s reminded me of something I put a lot of thought into while developing The CollectionI believe in convenience and excellence, at a fair price, for every couple in love. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone nationwide is able to customize a dream wedding invitation, choose all the bells and whistles, and interface with a real, expert person who cares about her clients. If you’re looking for custom wedding invitations online, this is a perfect fit!


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Four reasons why taking an in-person workshop is your best bet

Four reasons why taking an in-person workshop is your best bet - Leah E. Moss Designs - watercolor workshop in Petoskey, MichiganThere are so many online education resources these days for creative people to choose from! Let me start this post by saying that I think that’s great. Anything from a YouTube tutorial to a Skillshare class to a full-blown, multi-week course has benefits – and I’ve taken lots of them, both to grow my creative skills and to flex my business muscles. This post is by no means saying these are bad options. Use what’s out there and soak up as much knowledge as you can! However, I’ve also had the pleasure of taking classes from instructors live and I’ve found that an in-person workshop option is your best bet.


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Shanna Skidmore Feature – Confidence in Pricing

Shanna Skidmore Feature - How I found the Confidence to Increase my Pricing - Leah E. Moss Designs #entrepreneurship #selfemployed #smallbusiness
Photo from Blueprint Summit 2018 by Sarah Ingram

I’m humbled that my sweet mentor and friend Shanna Skidmore featured me on her website. We chatted about lots of things in running a small business – including money. With Shanna’s help in The Blueprint Model, I found my confidence in pricing my work to earn a fair, livable wage in my business. Pricing seems to be a taboo topic, especially for creatives, but the fact is that in order to continue to serve your clients well, you need to price your work to reflect the full value you’re providing. Talking about money should be an open dialogue, and the price to your clients isn’t an emotional thing. It’s math – and that should give you confidence, when you know why you charge what you do.


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Studio Tour

I love working from a home-based studio, and thought it would be fun to give you a sense of my day-to-day with a little studio tour! I converted the spare bedroom in our home to become my studio. This way, I have a designated place to “go to the office,” and it feels separate from the rest of our house. Full disclosure though – I still check emails from my kitchen counter!

It’s a small room, but it’s full of natural light, since it’s got huge windows on one wall, and another window on the side, too. Throughout the space, I have a ton of elephants, as part of my collection. I’ve been collecting elephant paraphernalia for years, and they’re symbols of good luck, so this was a natural fit for me when I designed my company logo. Having so many of them in this space (from all over the world!) is such a fun, visual reminder of something close to my heart.

Studio Tour - desk chair with elephant pillow - Leah E Moss


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