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As I’m writing this, I’m sitting poolside at the clubhouse in my dad’s Floridian condo community. This Michigan gal is soaking up some serious sunshine while working remotely. Don’t worry too much about me – I’m wearing sunscreen! Ahem, sorry, not sorry. While traveling, it’s reminded me of something I put a lot of thought into while developing The CollectionI believe in convenience and excellence, at a fair price, for every couple in love. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone nationwide is able to customize a dream wedding invitation, choose all the bells and whistles, and interface with a real, expert person who cares about her clients. If you’re looking for custom wedding invitations online, this is a perfect fit!

Seamlessness and simplicity

When developing The Collection, I did my utmost to ensure the customization process is seamless and simple for engaged couples. You want options, but you don’t want to be totally overwhelmed – been there, and it’s so frustrating. With this new product, you can build your own custom wedding invitations online by choosing print method, color palette, calligraphy style, and lots of bells and whistles. Any end result will be a beautiful combination since all the designs are rooted in elegant, traditional calligraphy.

Ease of access

You’re overwhelmed – you’re planning a wedding! And you have a job! And you have friends, and hobbies, and other things you’re involved in… I get it. (And I’m sending you all the good vibes for an extra hour in a day). So if you’re sneaking emails to your wedding planner from the office, or taking calls with your florist from the elliptical at the gym, you definitely don’t have time for “normal” office hours to go view sample binders in a stationery store. You need access on your terms, open 24-7, from your iPad while you get your oil changed. The Collection is always open, always ready for you, and is easy to do your thing… wherever, whenever.

Benefits over a local custom product

Don’t get me wrong – I love meeting with my local custom design clients. We always have a great time, and the creativity flows. But it’s a process, and the production timeline is lengthy. Getting to shop for your custom wedding invitations online eliminates the need for an in-person design meeting (since you’ll have access to the handy dandy Collection Guide, to explain all your options). Likewise, you’re starting from a base design, featuring calligraphy, so you don’t have to sift through everything to end up with something lovely – you already have a great base starting point!

Plus, I realize that most couples don’t have the budget allocated for a fully custom invitation design from scratch. And that’s ok! Budgets are there for a reason, and I believe they should be respected. So, if you have the chance to build your own customized suite at a much-reduced price, I’d say it’s a win! You get something unique and totally original, with exactly the specifications you want, at a price tag that fits your budget.

Oh yeah, and you can do all of that, straight from your sofa.

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