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I recently took Ashlyn Carter’s course “Copywriting for Creatives” (which is amazing btw), and as part of the curriculum, she challenged each student to identify the core values of our business. I had never really given this idea much thought to put it down concretely on paper. Giving such a structure around what my beliefs are and how I think my company works best was a new – and an important – exercise.

Each of my core values ended up starting with the letter “C,” giving the set of values a grouping, as my 5 Cs. I hope reading these gives you some insight into some of the “secret sauce” that makes up Leah E. Moss Designs!

Connectedness: Nurture real connections.

I don’t participate in large bridal shows and expos. To be honest, my lil’ introverted self doesn’t like being there. I have a really hard time chatting with a bride for 30 seconds and then asking for her email address on a list. I’d much rather get to know you… like, for real!

How’d you guys meet? How’d he pop the question? What’s your favorite weekend activity? What do you do for a living – do you like it?

You’re a person – not a number. I cherish every single client who comes to me with a project for their wedding or for a gift, and I strive to form and nurture real connections with each of you!

Leah E. Moss Designs - calligrapher and watercolor artist - my core values in my business

That’s why I do a free consultation call with each potential couple before sending a proposal for custom invitations. It’s important for me to get a sense of what you want for your big day, rather than sending you something cookie cutter.

Creativity: Imagination is your creative gift – use it.

I was always the artsy kid – calligraphy was a dorky hobby, along with drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry-making. Any art class I could take through high school, and even through college… I took it. Fast forward a bit: I was working as the executive assistant to the CEO of a venture capital firm. Days were long, draining, and stressful. I’d come home and practice calligraphy on my couch, simply to chill out. 

Leah E Moss Designs - the core values of my business - pink watercolor flower

After a close friend asked for a favor to help with her wedding envelope addressing, word spread that I did calligraphy. My soothing hobby would eventually become a nights-and-weekends side gig, and almost three years ago, a full-time career. I pinch myself every day that this is my job. It’s kind of crazy that one gal could be this lucky.

So, now that I do this for work, it’s become one of my core values to keep this imagination spark alive and feisty!

Figuring out new ways to help a client, practicing new techniques with a nib or paintbrush, and trying new print method combos is something I vow to continue to do. Stretching this creativity muscle is what got me started and I know it’s what will keep me going in the long run.


Candor: Listen first. Strong opinion second. Honesty always.

I’m the friend in the dressing room that will tell you straight up, “sorry girlie – that romper is not flattering… next.” In my inner circle, I’m known as the tough-love friend. I’ve got strong opinions and I’m good at voicing them straight up – but I’m a better listener.

Leah E Moss Designs - the core values of my business - blush invitation with ribbon and vintage stamps

Leah E Moss Designs - the core values of my business - envelopes with liners

So, if you’ve got an idea for your special day, I’m here to listen! Tell me the deets! I’ll be all ears, and then I’ll tell you, like I’d tell a bestie, if I think it makes sense for your overall vision and your budget, or if there’s a different route to achieving the same effect.

My clients deserve my honest, professional opinion – and they get it. But they also get my listening ear, and any “Dear Abby” style advice they may need. But like… maybe skip the romper.

Compassion: Help others with sensitivity and warmth. Compassion matters.

Planning a wedding is HARD y’all. Been there, done that (in six months, heyyyyo). If you’ve invested in me as a vendor for your big day, you’ve found yourself a teammate. Your future mother-in-law is stressing you out? Let’s figure out how to tell her kindly and gracefully that no, she can’t invite the 12 couples from her tennis league. You’re totally lost on etiquette for addressing your female Rabbi cousin and her Doctor girlfriend on your list? I’m here for you! And yes, with tens of thousands of envelopes addressed… I’ve seen that before!

My goal is that you end up with beautiful, meaningful invitations (duh), but that the experience working with me is just as wonderful as the end product. You matter – and I value you! You’ll be treated with the utmost kindness.

Challenge: “Monotony is the awful reward of the careful.” -A.G. Buckham

Many years ago, my brother got me a historical book of prose quotations. It’s this gorgeous antique that I literally put white gloves on to touch. It’s such a treasure! The first day I got it, I opened it up to a random page, and this quote smacked me in the face. It’s been my life motto ever since.

As one of my core values in my business, I constantly have to challenge myself. I step outside my comfort zone regularly – and it’s the only way to grow. Even though it’s scary, I realize that monotony is a horrible option, and that pushes me to face my fears every single day.

I hope this has been interesting! If my core values resonated with you, consider becoming part of the Leah E. Moss Designs family! I’d be honored to have you as a client.

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