semi-custom invitations

  • Telluride Wedding | Annie and John

    The bride and groom looking at each other and smiling while surrounded by fall foliage and Colorado mountains - Telluride Wedding | Annie and John - Photo: Laura Murray Photography

    Annie and John’s Telluride wedding was a complete stunner. They had the most picturesque backdrop for their special day, thanks to the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Every detail lived up to the landscapes, making for an incredible day. I was honored to design their wedding invitations and day-of-wedding stationery, as one small part of this celebration. Thanks to these beautiful images from Laura Murray, let’s relive their day.


  • Wedding invitation examples: 2 different sets from 1 product

    wedding invitation examples: two versions of invitations from the same product - envelope liner, ribbon, belly band - Leah E. Moss Designs

    Seeing wedding invitation examples always helps bring a product to life! In today’s blog, I’m highlighting two couples who chose the exact same invitation from my semi-custom collection as their “base,” but ended up with wildly different results. Color palettes and varying bells and whistles transform the same starting point to vastly personalized end sets in these invitations — and it’s easy for you to do the same. Having versatility in an invitation that’s customizable is so important, so you can make sure it feels like your wedding!

  • “How late can I order invitations?” and other questions I’m answering lately

    how late can i order invitations - Leah E. Moss Designs

    Lately, my email inbox has felt like the Wild West. Every hour seems to present a different type of question, ranging from “we’d like to book you last minute” to “how do I know what to order” to “we’d like to learn about your postponement policy.” The most common question I’ve been getting has been “how late can I order invitations?”. It’s all over the place! And I get it — it’s for good reason. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now still for couples planning in the midst of COVID, vaccination rollouts, and inconsistent state-by-state protocols for events. I get that waiting as long as possible to decide about your wedding taking place as planned makes sense! So, in this blog I’ll be answering some of the common questions I’m fielding lately, so you’re ready to go with stationery, no matter what your event protocol looks like.


  • 4 considerations for intimate wedding invitations

    Dark grey Semi custom wedding invitation with traditional monogram - considerations for intimate wedding invitations - Leah E. Moss Designs

    This summer, I worked with one of my clients on her postponement announcements after she and her fiancé decided to move their August 2020 wedding to a 2021 date. Fast forward a bit, and I got another call from the same bride. She told me they would be getting married privately in November 2020, with a small group of family, outdoors in her parents’ garden, in advance of their 2021 celebration. She’d need intimate wedding invitations, noting that just because it was small, didn’t mean it wasn’t the real deal. She wanted to ensure they were special and got her loved ones excited to celebrate with them.


  • Online wedding invitations aren’t created equal: differences between shopping with me and Minted

    Burgundy semi-custom wedding invitation with modern calligraphy, dusty rose belly band, gold wax seal

    One of the questions I often receive is “How is your semi-custom line different from Minted?” And I get it — it’s also a collection of online wedding invitations, with some of the options that are pre-determined and lots of elements personalized to you. But my line (and any other indie stationer’s line) costs more than Minted, and the big box option has quite frankly done a nice job with papers and print methods, in terms of quality. So your question is totally valid. Why spend more if you don’t have to? That’s just being a savvy shopper, and when you’re planning a wedding, you need to factor in every cost to get the most bang for your buck.

    In this blog, I’ll go through the reasons why my semi-custom collection is different from shopping with Minted, so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you as part of your big day!


  • Hiring a custom wedding invitations designer is worth the money, but isn’t the right choice for everybody

    Blue invitation with white text, all script wedding invitation with traditional monogram in calligraphy - Custom wedding invitations designer - Leah E. Moss Designs

    In these uncertain times, it’s even more challenging than usual for engaged couples to decide which vendors they want to have for their special day. Considerations about every aspect come into play! Hiring a custom wedding invitations designer is worth the money, but it isn’t the right choice for everybody. I’ve always known this and would never try to convince a couple who may not be a good fit, but in today’s climate, I’m especially sensitive to this. With that in mind, I’m breaking down why having a custom wedding invitations designer is truly so valuable, as well as the reasons why it may not be the best fit for the two of you. Ultimately, I want you to be able to make an informed decision about what will be the smartest investment for your situation!