Order custom wedding invitations online

Order custom wedding invitations online - The Collection from Leah E. Moss Designs

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting poolside at the clubhouse in my dad’s Floridian condo community. This Michigan gal is soaking up some serious sunshine while working remotely. Don’t worry too much about me – I’m wearing sunscreen! Ahem, sorry, not sorry. While traveling, it’s reminded me of something I put a lot of thought into while developing The CollectionI believe in convenience and excellence, at a fair price, for every couple in love. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone nationwide is able to customize a dream wedding invitation, choose all the bells and whistles, and interface with a real, expert person who cares about her clients. If you’re looking for custom wedding invitations online, this is a perfect fit!


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Invitation Printing Options

Blue grey letterpress with modern calligraphy wedding invitation - Wedding Invitation Printing Options - Leah E. Moss Designs

My sister in law Jackie is a public defender. As a talented, passionate attorney, she’s an expert in her field and helps people all day long. Likewise, my brother Henry is an emergency room doctor. He is equally smart, ambitious, compassionate, and helpful. Between the two of them, they’re a total power couple – they really know their stuff! But, like most of my clients, they were totally overwhelmed and uncertain about all of the wedding invitation printing options available to them. Yikes.

After helping so many couples navigate this, I decided it was high time to write a blog post explaining these invitation printing options. Let’s dive in! (more…)

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Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top

Vintage postage on burgundy envelope with cobalt blue invitation and plaid liner - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

It never fails – I get a sweet note from a client after her invitations have gone out, explaining how much her guests have raved over their suite. More often than not though, it’s the invitation embellishments that people have commented on, saying “your envelope calligraphy was so pretty – we put it on the fridge, too,” or “oh my gosh, that wax seal was to die for,” or “wow the envelope liner was so extra – and we loved it.” You don’t want your loved ones to simply receive their invitation and know about your upcoming wedding – you want them to receive it, feel honored and wowed, and in turn, get pumped to be on your dance floor all night long. That, my friend, is where invitation embellishments come in.


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4 Reasons to have an added card in your invitation suite

Added card for accommodations information - Leah E. Moss DesignsWhen Adam and I were wedding planning, we knew our hotel block was going to be huge – and we wanted people to book rooms early, to ensure we’d be given enough as part of our reservation. This information was important enough to convey as part of the invitation, but we didn’t want it on the main card, since that’s what would end up front and center on our guests’ fridge. So, we had an added card with “more information,” including parking/shuttle, hotel, and our website. Problem solved, mischief managed. Cut to the weekend of our wedding and we had 63 rooms at our hotel (half the property), so it was basically a Leah-and-Adam’s-people reunion in the lobby the whole time.

I’m all for team “added card,” so this blog will outline four reasons why an added card is helpful, a suggestion for designing them, and one case where you don’t need one for your wedding.


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Jillian and Kyle | Traditional Detroit Athletic Club wedding

Bride in lace dress and groom looking out from rooftop - Traditional Detroit Athletic Club wedding - blog by Leah E. Moss Designs - photography by Blaine SiesserJillian and Kyle’s traditional ceremony and Detroit Athletic Club wedding reception were nothing short of incredible. Jillian’s lovely mom had initially hired me to complete their invitation calligraphy, and I was thrilled to stay on to assist with all of this amazing couple’s day-of-wedding stationery, too!


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How I use a weekly planner for tasks, meals, content, and habits

Weekly planner tear-off notepad with watercolor flowers, habit tracking, daily agenda, goal setting - Leah E. Moss Designs

There are so many planning tools out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out a system that works. To be clear, I use a variety of tools to keep myself organized for my business and in my personal life. My weekly planner pad brings those elements together for what needs to happen, one day at a time.


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Kelly and Kevin | Neutral wedding at the Garden Theater

Groom carrying bride in downtown street - Classic and Neutral Wedding at the Garden Theater in Detroit, Michigan - Recap by wedding invitations designer Leah E. Moss Designs with photos by Niki Marie Photography

When Niki (of Niki Marie Photography) first sent me an email about Kelly and Kevin’s upcoming Garden Theater wedding, I couldn’t have been any more excited. I was honored she referred me to design the invitation for this special couple’s wedding. They wanted to highlight the city of Detroit, which is near and dear to my heart. Their classic and neutral wedding this June was beautiful, full of fun and love, and a night to remember. These two looked amazing – and you can see them each glowing with happiness, beaming in every photo.


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Elegant Planterra Conservatory wedding | Blair and Max

Elegant Planterra Conservatory wedding. Highlights from Leah E. Moss Designs. Photos by Jill DeVries Photography. #michiganwedding #greenhousewedding #elegantwedding

It was such an honor to work on the day-of-wedding stationery details for Blair and Max. This special couple hosted a Planterra Conservatory wedding reception after tying the knot at Sainte Anne de Detroit Catholic Church. It was a beautifully elegant day this summer, full of blush, sophisticated florals, the perfectly lush greenhouse venue, and a cameo appearance by their sweet pup. All of my favorite things! Thanks to Jill DeVries for capturing their day so wonderfully.


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My Brother’s Eastern Market Wedding

Bride and groom at flower patch - Eastern Market wedding recap from Detroit calligrapher Leah E. Moss Designs with photos by Jill DeVries Photography #detroitwedding #moderncalligraphy #custominvitation

It’s hard to put into words what it means to watch your brother marry the love of his life. It’s even harder to do this when that love has been unofficially part of the family for many years already. Add to that: having the chance to serve as a small part of their vendor team for their Eastern Market wedding. I pride myself on being a decent writer, but for this experience, I’m at a total loss for words. Mostly, it’s just a joy. Seeing the incredible photos from Jill DeVries Photography helps to relive such a beautiful day. (more…)

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The core values of my business: The 5 Cs

Leah E Moss Designs - the core values of my business - calligraphy quote in studio

I recently took Ashlyn Carter’s course “Copywriting for Creatives” (which is amazing btw), and as part of the curriculum, she challenged each student to identify the core values of our business. I had never really given this idea much thought to put it down concretely on paper. Giving such a structure around what my beliefs are and how I think my company works best was a new – and an important – exercise.

Each of my core values ended up starting with the letter “C,” giving the set of values a grouping, as my 5 Cs. I hope reading these gives you some insight into some of the “secret sauce” that makes up Leah E. Moss Designs!


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