Vintage postage on burgundy envelope with cobalt blue invitation and plaid liner - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

It never fails – I get a sweet note from a client after her invitations have gone out, explaining how much her guests have raved over their suite. More often than not though, it’s the invitation embellishments that people have commented on, saying “your envelope calligraphy was so pretty – we put it on the fridge, too,” or “oh my gosh, that wax seal was to die for,” or “wow the envelope liner was so extra – and we loved it.” You don’t want your loved ones to simply receive their invitation and know about your upcoming wedding – you want them to receive it, feel honored and wowed, and in turn, get pumped to be on your dance floor all night long. That, my friend, is where invitation embellishments come in.

Here’s the truth – you don’t need a single extra thing for your wedding invitations. You can send something minimal and it will still showcase the nuts and bolts of your big day. It’ll be functional and your guests will be in the right place at the right time. Last week, I talked about insert cards as a functional addition – today’s blog is about aesthetics, rather than function.

However, invitation embellishments elevate the overall design from something perfectly fine to something stunning. Why? Because adding these bells and whistles shows your attention to detail and thoughtfulness about each element for your loved ones. That’s a preview of your big day you can be proud of!

In this blog, I’ll outline some of my favorite invitation embellishments and how they can add some extra flair to your wedding invitation suite.

Guest addressing in calligraphy

Guest addressing in traditional calligraphy -Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs
With this embellishment, your guests’ addresses will be individually written by hand in calligraphy by me. This will coordinate with your chosen calligraphy style from the rest of your wedding invitations and each one will be a little work of art. Of course, your guests’ addresses can be digitally printed on a normal printer (or you could DIY them), but there’s something incredible that happens when someone stands at their mailbox with a letter addressed to him/her in exquisite, hand-done calligraphy. People love it – and for good reason!

Envelope liners

Wedding ring with Detroit skyline custom watercolor illustration for envelope liner on wedding invitation - Classic and Neutral Wedding at the Garden Theater in Detroit, Michigan - Recap by wedding invitations designer Leah E. Moss Designs with photos by Niki Marie Photography

These add a nice pop of contrast and elegance to your main envelopes. Make a wow-worthy statement before your loved ones have even gotten to your main invitation card. From a functionality standpoint, these do create a physical barrier in the mail between the rough-and-tumble mail processing and your main invitation, so that’s an added bonus. Envelope liners are beautiful as a contrasting color from your envelope for a pop of an accent color, or in a custom design (pattern or venue illustration works great, or the Detroit skyline was a fun detail, as seen here!).

Wax seals

Gold wax seal with monogram - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

Wax seals add a touch of elegance to your invitation envelope. But, my vote is to do it without the hassle! For my clients, I source self-adhesive wax seals (rather than having to do them from scratch). All you’ll have to do is peel off the backing and stick in place. As a slight downside to this invitation embellishment option, wax seals add to your postage price, due to added weight and thickness of the overall package you’ll be mailing. Aside from the cost of the seals themselves, just be prepared for a bit of extra cash reserved for sending them off into the world. #worthit

Belly bands

Sage green belly band - Added card with painted watercolor detail - Leah E. Moss Designs

A belly band holds each of the elements together. It’s not a requirement but does add a nice touch – both aesthetically and functionally! Belly bands are 1″ wide and long enough to wrap around your wedding invitation. They can be used alone or with an added tag or wax seal placed on top. It’s just another spot to infuse an added detail. If you have lots of inserts, this is especially helpful!

Other invitation embellishments to consider

Satin ribbon on wedding invitation - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

Ribbon: You can use a ribbon in lieu of a belly band – it adds a touch of softness, and you can introduce an interesting material this way. This is something I source for my custom design invitation clients, so we can determine what will make the most sense with their overall suite, whether that’s hand-dyed silk, satin, velvet, or something else. As the final piece to the puzzle, it’s a detail I love to include.

Vintage postage and gold calligraphy for guest addresses - Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

Vintage or custom postage: Again, I help curate these postage options for my custom design clients, because I view it as the cherry on top of their suite, but the ordering process can be complicated. I like to make my clients’ lives as easy as possible. Using postage, you can tell the couple’s story, based on where they live, where they’re from, what’s important to them, what the color scheme or vibe of their wedding will be – all before someone has opened the envelope. What an extra special treat!

So, to recap here, you don’t need invitation embellishments – but if you have a little room in your stationery budget, they’re worth the added investment! Your guests will be over the top impressed by what you’ve sent, feeling loved and cared for – and for that, it’s worth every penny.

My favorite options for these bells and whistles include:

  • Guest addressing in calligraphy
  • Envelope liners
  • Wax seals
  • Belly bands

Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

And the best part?

Each of these options is available a la carte as part of The Collection! Pick and choose which additions you have your heart set on, and build out your perfect invitation suite – right from the sofa.

Get everything you need for your dream wedding invitations – and nothing you don’t – with The Collection.

Let’s build my wedding invitations

Invitation embellishments to take your stationery over the top - Leah E. Moss Designs

All photos by Casey Brodley Photography, unless otherwise indicated.